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Hard Truth Media’s mission is to make good leaders into great communicators.


We do this by providing personalised communications advice that builds on the motivations, personality and challenges of the individual it serves. High-level executives and VIPs do not have time for fluffy training with limited application and depth. 

All Hard Truth Media’s consultants are current or former broadcast journalists for national news programmes and stations and all have been on-air for at least five years. This means they know how to structure compelling narratives for public speaking under pressure, they know how to ask tough questions in an interview and how to draw the best out of an interviewee. All are measured, experienced and fiercely intelligent. And all put the client’s needs first.

The Hard Truth Media team offer incisive, direct, bespoke consultancy and create unique support structures, to give principals just what they need, exactly when they need it.


Hard Truth Media | improve public speaking

The company was founded by former Sky News correspondent and presenter, Ursula Errington in 2012. During a broadcast career of more than a decade, Ursula also worked for the BBC Regional news as a news anchor and Monocle 24 Radio as a breakfast presenter on the stations flagship current affairs programme. 

Whatever the outlet, platform or story, Ursula engaged with high-level figures only to witness cracks in their communication because of a lack of preparation, attention to detail and often self doubt. Today, Hard Truth Media is contracted by individuals and in-house communications teams to tackle these problems. 

During her career as a journalist, Ursula worked on a wide variety of stories across domestic, foreign, political and business news, bringing her incisive style of interviewing to millions of viewers and listeners. She has interviewed two UK Prime Ministers and three Chancellors of the Exchequer, household names, CEO’S and countless analysts, experts and members of the public with a story to tell.


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Please contact us on [email protected] if you would like yo see our case studies or discuss any of the work that we have done. 

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Hard Truth Media’s craft is to give you a voice; to make you a compelling storyteller in public speaking every time you draw breath to talk. Our clients are global shapers who have something to say and the will to say it well.