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Special Communications Advisor

This is an ongoing, one-to-one service. A Special Communications Advisor looks after all aspects of a VIP’s communications including media training, speechwriting and rehearsing delivery techniques. The advisor works with the principal’s communication team to hone messaging and refine arrangements for event or interview delivery. No aspect is overlooked.



A Special Communications Advisor works closely with their principal on an on-going basis. The advisor deals with every aspect of a VIP’s communication from arranging logistics with conference organisers to speech writing, rehearsals, constructive feedback and speaker development. 

We pride ourselves on our personal approach and in aiding our VIP every step of the way through their communications training. We do not underestimate the power and also pressure of speaking to peers and colleagues and we will take each individual case and work bespokely.  

At Hard Truth Media, our Special Communications Advisors are always former Broadcast Journalists with at least a decade of experience. They know how to prepare to appeal to the public, how the media will see things and have an eye for performance detail.


VIPs with a Special Communications Advisor are always looking to grow as a communicator and leader, they do not see their skills as established and static, but are looking to develop as thought leaders and become renowned for their ownership of particular messages.

There is a high degree of trust between a principal and their advisor. A leader must feel able to practice and make mistakes, in private, in order to perform publicly. They must be able to go through speeches together, debate and negotiate points of view, sometimes disagreeing, but hearing and understanding all aspects of an argument, so that every angle is considered before exposure to the public and the media. 

At its most basic level, a principal always feels that strategically and tactically their advisor has ‘got their back’.

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