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Our Philosophy

Every organisation, large or small, deserves dedicated, highly tailored content and communications advice. The most elegant and expensive campaign or rebrand in the world will stumble if nobody knows about it. Raising awareness is fairly straight forward if you know how to get the media to tell your story. What do journalists need? When is the optimum moment to give it to them? How can you engage journalists with confidence? What is it you want them and the wider public...

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Example project – Alibaba, Fikay

Hard Truth Media client, Alibaba.com, wanted to showcase a user of it’s platform; ethically responsible, eco-fashion brand, “Fikay”. There were many objectives the film had to fulfil. The brief was to emphasise the young entrepreneur status of it’s founder and how the Alibaba platform helped turn an idea into a successful, award winning business. Fikay has built and developed its relationship with the manufacturer it found on Alibaba.com so that working relationship should be a facet of the film. Finally,...

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