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Video Content Production

Great video boosts SEO and is essential for brand engagement. Extracting the best from an executive, in front of a camera, involves intelligent interviewing and a fastidious pre-production. There is an art to this.  Hard Truth Media specialises in creative films involving executive interviews, either as the overarching narrative voice or as a contributing element.


Hard Truth Media specialises in compelling, bespoke storytelling with flair. We tend to work on projects that revolve around executive or VIP interviews.

Our journalist producers are highly skilled at drawing out compelling narratives during these interviews, through an astute and comprehensive understanding of the subject matter and empathy with the human impact of any story.

Whether it is to be embedded in a website, seeded with bloggers, shown at a big event or to be included in a conference pack, your video will need a coherent narrative and be shot innovatively and powerfully, so the audience takes away your key messages.


The Hard Truth Media video content team is a mix of TV journalists and creative. This means we can work fast to create content that works hard to reach your target demographic and looks fantastic. We can work to insanely tight deadlines that would terrify other video content providers because we have turned around content for newsrooms around the world.

But most important of all, we know how to listen to our client, take a clear brief and discuss all aspects of production, so that the client is delighted, every time.

We manage the entire process from discussing objectives and ideas to storyboarding, setting up a day’s filming, crew logistics, music choices, editing and item delivery.

Clients can be as involved in the film making process, as they wish to be. Feel free to come along to location shoots or select voice over artists – or you can tell us your brief, budget and deadline and we’ll do the rest. We work with a great range of equipment to give an impressive choice of shots, styles and output, including live conference streaming, HD Broadcast quality TV cameras, Jib cams, tracks, head-mounted, underwater and drone-mounted cameras. We collaborate with animators, graphic designers and musicians to create something distinctive and unique for your organisation.

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