Our Philosophy

Every organisation, large or small, deserves dedicated, highly tailored content and communications advice. The most elegant and expensive campaign or rebrand in the world will stumble if nobody knows about it.

Raising awareness is fairly straight forward if you know how to get the media to tell your story. What do journalists need? When is the optimum moment to give it to them? How can you engage journalists with confidence? What is it you want them and the wider public to know about you and say about you? These are all basic, powerful questions that fundamentally affect how much value you get from your marketing and PR budget, be it hundreds of pounds or millions of pounds.

To get the best results, you need a friendly, approachable team that you can build a lasting relationship with. Sometimes you just want to bounce ideas off knowledgeable consultants in an informal phone-call. Other times you want a project off your plate completely and know you have a reliable, quality team delivering to your specification – bang on time.

Whether it’s media training executives, creating on-point video content, honing a communications and messaging plan or hosting live events. Hard Truth Media prides itself on a client- focused approach that is second to none.

Give us a call. Let’s talk.