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‘This is the UK’s first remote video feedback service for speakers. When you give a speech or presentation your content and delivery needs to be on point.


You may not want to ask a colleague, friend or family member to watch and critique you. You want an impartial, expert opinion, quickly without the hassle of finding a coach and scheduling an appointment.


That’s why Hard Truth Media developed its reVIEW™ service. 

All our trainers are current and former national broadcast journalists with a minimum of five years on-air experience. Take a look at their credentials in our Trainer Gallery. Every trainer is intellectually rigorous and understands the pressure of storytelling under pressure. 


It’s what we have done on-air for years. Now, we want to share our experience and strategies with you.


We are unafraid to examine structure and content. We look at the efficacy of slides and images and we help you with your delivery, phrasing, vocabulary, vocal performance and body language. 


It’s discreet, personal, effective and fast. 


Some of the largest companies in the world use reVIEW™ to invest in their employees’ development and to raise the bar for internal meetings, external pitches and speaking engagements.


Call us to discuss corporate membership for your team. 


All of our Tutors are current or former broadcast journalists. You can view our tutors here.

reVIEW™ Top 10 FAQs

You upload your video to a secure, personal area on a cloud-based platform with servers in the EU. Hard Truth Media’s trainers log in and work with your video on that platform. No copies are made and the video is not downloaded to any other server. Every trainer has a legal obligation for non-dislosure of content, as does Hard Truth Media Ltd as the service provider.

Organisations purchasing corporate membership can also put in place a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) in their preferred wording. The (display image) icon will show on all accounts where a Non Disclosure Agreement has been signed.

You are uploading your video to an individual, personalized area on a platform owned and operated by Planet eStream, the number one unified video platform for education. See the Terms and Conditions of Use and their Privacy Policy.

Your login is unique, so even if you are part of a corporate membership plan, only you can see your video within your organization. The trainer allocated to the presentation can log into your area to deliver feedback and the Hard Truth Media admin has access to occasionally quality control the service.

There is no need to compress your file. This is done for you automatically as your video uploads. Upload times will be dictated by the quality and speed of your wifi or ethernet connection.

You can watch our handy video on the registration and upload process here

Or you can follow these instructions:

Your trainer will go through the whole presentation or speech and give you completely personalized feedback on your performance. They will:

  • – Make suggestions relating to your content, storytelling, structure and supporting materials.
  • – Help you to refine key messages for your audience, making them crystal clear and memorable.
  • – Suggest how you can use your voice and body to great effect.
  • – Propose phrasing and vocabulary that delivers your thoughts, messages and feelings powerfully and in a way that fits your personal, corporate, industry and    cultural lexicon.
  • Your trainer will edit your video by editing in their filmed feedback, so it comes at the right moment in your uploaded video. This means you can watch the final piece of footage and see exactly what we suggest you do, at specific points in your performance.

All of reVIEW’s expert trainers are current or former broadcast journalists with at least five years on-air experience. All our trainers work with corporate clients, government bodies or high-profile individuals so they know how to take their journalistic experience and align it client needs. Based all over the world, they understand the pressure of performing to an audience or to camera and how to tell stories for maximum impact in a short time.

Take a look at their profiles here

The reVIEW service is £200 (Pounds Sterling) for every 15 minutes of footage uploaded.

You will receive an email notification when your feedback video is ready to view. You can simply log in to the platform and see all your videos in your private area, or you can download each video, so you can store them and view them even if you have no internet connection. Your video will stay in your private area until you choose to delete it, or up to 3 years, whichever comes first.

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